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Ideally for initial treatment it’s recommended you leave your patches on for as long as possible, up to 72 hours as long as wearing the patches is comfortable for you. After initial treatment, leaving the Patches on for longer than 4-6 hours at a time is recommended, including whilst sleeping or during the day when at work. Ensure skin is clean before use and shave if excessive hair is present. Remember, Painmaster is not a quick fix, instant relief product as it helps to relieve pain over a long period.

Remove by pulling each pad gently from the tab at the top. Store on the plastic packing that was supplied with the patches. Ensure the wire is disconnected.

If the patches have lost their stickiness applying a droplet of warm water and spreading may help.

After 3-5 days of continuous use the patches can be removed for one to two days. To clean patches and help make them more sticky again, rinse gel side with warm (optionally soapy) water and let dry COMPLETELY before re-applying. Do NOT sterilize or disinfect.

Patches should NOT be placed over an open wound or over recent scars, broken or inflamed skin, areas of infection, thrombosis or vascular problems (i.e. Varicose veins) If a rash caused by the adhesive appears, discontinue use.

Isolated cases of skin irritation may occur at the site of the electrode placement following long term application. The treatment should be paused and this condition, known as ertherma, will generally resolve within a few hours to a few days. Minor skin irritation to the electrode site has been documented, on occasion, with certain hypersensitive individuals.

We STRONGLY recommend removing the patches before washing or swimming, however if you wish to leave the patches on simply disconnect and remove the wire and battery as the patches are water proof and can be worn in water for short periods. Ensure they are 100% dry before reattaching the wire and battery.