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I have suffered with back pain for years and have always been told to take Ibuprofen for it which make me feel unwell. As I am a self-employed carpet fitter I have to be fit and well to do my job properly and earn a living. The Painmaster is easy to wear, even for me in a manual job. I haven’t had anywhere near the amount of back pain since wearing it regularly for work. I am so glad my Physio recommended it to me, and would advise anyone on pain medication to get one!


     M Dean 2016

I regularly ballroom dance, and normally have to stop because my Hip is hurting too much. Since dancing whilst wearing the Painmaster I do not have to stop as soon, and don’t need to take the tablets! Very happy and would recommend to everyone


      D Roberts 2016

My Painmaster allows me to continue to walk around town each Monday doing my shopping. I sometimes use it on my lower back, and sometimes on my Knee depending on what is hurting the most. I have also bought a second one in case I need to wear it on both locations at the same time. I get immediate relief after putting it on and it is easy to walk around with. I have also bought Painmasters for family members who have been very pleased


      E Brown 2016

I am happy with my Painmaster. It has helped me with my knee pain and also reduced the swelling


      G Ball 2016

I was suggested a pain master by someone when I was suffering with sciatica. I had been suffering for a few months and it was getting progressively worse, and was so painful that I was waking up in so much pain I was in tears in the morning. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try because I was at my wits end.

I put it on at around 6pm on day 1 and went to bed with pain. I woke up in the morning & there was no pain! I couldn’t believe it…I kept it on for 3 days straight and the pain has not returned as of yet (approx 3 weeks later)

I am honestly gobsmacked at how good this is! I would 100% order another once the battery has run out and would 100% suggest giving it a try to anyone suffering with pain. It is brilliant!!

      S Hilbourne Oct 2016

“We use Microcurrent Therapy for a range of soft tissue, bone and nerve injuries and have had good success. It is a safe, efficient and clinically effective tool that we now use on a regular basis here at Everton Football Club”

Joe Hinnigan, Everton FC

“I gave the Painmaster patch to two friends of mine.  One has recurrent back pain and the other osteoarthritis of one knee.  Both were very impressed by the pain relief occurring within hours of applying the patch, and being able to just stick it on and forget about it throughout the day… also non-drug, therefore no side effects!”

Dr Chris Steele MBE

“The Painmaster patch works well and helps most people. The pain goes in minutes and it’s great because it provides a drug-free form of pain relief.”

Dawn Rothwell AdvDipL5 STRM, MFRT.  ESTRM, MSTO, MIPTI,

“Having used the patches, one a month for the past seven months, I cannot recommend this product highly enough, or thank the makers adequately for having created it. We would not be without them.”

Esther Rand

“It really is a life-changing approach to an otherwise seemingly impenetrable condition and its results are almost instantaneous; technology  at its finest. Thank you!”

Esther Rand

“Painmaster delivers effective pain relief and is very easy to use, especially on knee joints where other equipment is not practical”

Sarah Jenkins